Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Birth Of The Rabbit

I have been playing EVE Online for maybe 20 days now. It is a riveting game with a massive learning curve (which I am still ascending) due to it's complexity. When you start your first character you need to keep in mind what sort of gaming experience you want to have. Like many others before me, I prefer combat, and I prefer the thrill of PVP. The option was simple. I wanted to be a pirate...

The Birth Of The Rabbit:-

I was born to a Caldari Achurian mother and father, and received scrict and regimented training from a young age. From my early teens I felt stifled and suffocated in my surroundings, in the rigidness of it all. Their was a code for this, a policy for that.

In military combat class I would watch the holos of the "evil" Gallente forces, who we were being trained to destroy, and wondered at the freedom of it. I knew little of Gallentean society, and what was taught to me was biased, displaying the blind hate and prejudiced views we had of them. They had no "order" I was always told, like this was a good thing. I secretly wanted their freedom, their lack of order. I yearned for it. But I put it down to a petty fantasy and an unachievable dream...

I excelled in class, especially in Electronics. I graduated as a fighting fit Caldarian Special Forces member, and my plethora of missile and electronic knowledge allowed me to fit up my first Academy ship, The Kestrel. It was my pride and joy, or that's what I told myself. I kept order in it, with it's jagged edges, a real down the line military ship. Fighting off the local Gurista pirates I earned a little ISK, enough for a moderate savings, a better ship. My parents were proud, Caldarian society pretended to be proud, but I knew what I was to them. A drone in the regimented military force, a pawn to be used at their will. I wondered if the military leaders ever felt trapped like I did. It didn't take me long to break free, partly because I wanted too.

I flew my Kestrel out of the training facility where I was still based, little did anyone know my cargohold was full of everything I owned. I was leaving the Caldari State. I was going to carve out my own future, not let a military entity make every decision for me. I immediately headed out to low security space, I found a few solar systems to set myself up. I trained myself in Gallente Frigates. I had reached the conclusion that I was so opposed to the order of a miltary regime, that not I only did I want to avoid order from herein, I wanted chaos. I wanted to be a Pirate.

Having reached this decision, I purchased an Incursur, a renowned PVP frigate of the Gallente. The Incursur was soft and smooth compared to my jagged and pointy Kestrel. But it was new, and freshly different. I based myself in a low-sec system, doing a few odd missions for The Space Patrol, who put up an honest front, but were barely more then pirates themselves.

Training a new ship was hard, and the ships were so different to the Caldari style I was used too. No longer could I kite, shooting missiles from afar. I had to learn different ship fitting tactics. I had to learn to get in close and personal.

Finally, I was ready. I had enough decent skills to fit my ship with a Microwarp Drive, a Stasis Webifier, and a Warp Disrupter (MWD/WEB/SCRAM in acronym code). I flew my Incursor out to some high-security space, to perform some can flipping on some of the Caldari miners. Anything to cause chaos to the regime was to my liking.

As my little Incursor sped through space, I felt liberated. Free at last. I was going to be a Pirate. I may not be much of one yet, but if my Caldari roots have taught me anything it's that once I have a goal in site, and the determination and the ambition to follow it up, nothing can stop me.

-Tom Jackrabbit


CrazyKinux said...

I just added you to my EVE Player Blogroll. If you could add a link or a little post about it that would be great. It’s not an obligation though! =)

Happy blogging!

Keystone said...

You'll always be one of us Gallente in my book, Tom Jackrabbit